Úvod Incubator TUKE RE-CA


RE-CA is a startup that develops highly customized SMART solutions for industry and for small SMEs (50 – 100 FTE). A high degree of customization is guaranteed by the modular system based on open source technologies and standards (e.g. Apache). As a result, these solutions are without the so-called vendor lock-in, which is very common for large corporations and their solutions.

The main product, RE-CA SMART system is used to support intralogistics for tracking of raw materials and orders throughout the product’s life cycle. The system also provides notifications to responsible individual regarding all the important, critical events or issues. These events generate a large amount of data that can be used for future analyzes (downtime analysis), forecasts (machine schedule maintenance) or retrospective analysis (for identification of main causes of any process and performance issues).

Potential customers may be manufacturing companies that require transition to paperless management, efficient and accurate planning, monitoring and allocation of manpower and resources. All these steps are key part of the transformation process, which has brought interesting advancement.

Ensuring the proper and fully utilized functionality of manufacturing human resources throughout the process, based on data, is a key action for production efficiency.

RE-CA s.r.o.


Matej Bodnár
e-mail: mato.bodnar@re-ca.com
web: re-ca.com